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Discover the 5 ways to digitalize your agribusiness. No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, you can still take the next step to continue to achieve your goals.

Digitalization Provides Convenience

At a personal level, think of your favorite business you interact with. Why do you love doing business with them? Do they offer a digital experience that provides convenience to you? Naturally, when a business offers a quick and easy way to purchase something or even make a payment – you tend to continue to use their service because it is convenient.  

Now, think about your agribusiness. Does your agribusiness offer convenient ways for your customers to do business with you? If you said no, then why not? If you said yes, excellent! Learn more about the list of the top 5 ways you can digitalize your business. 

Here are 5 ways to digitalize your agribusiness

Whether you want to digitalize your grower’s experience, simplify processes, or go paperless as an agribusiness, here are 5 ways to digitalize your agribusiness: 

  • Implement Electronic Document Storage 
  • Capture Signatures Digitally 
  • Adopt a Grower App 
  • Utilize SMS messaging 
  • Digitalize your Grain Origination Process 

Digital Document Management

Digitalize your Agribusiness with Document Storage Management

AGRIS Document Management gives your agribusiness the ability to add attachments to transactions and Name/Addresses. In the event someone from your agribusiness needs to access the attachment, they can simply click a virtual paperclip inside of AGRIS. By adopting AttachToo, you greatly reduce physical paper trails for each transaction. This is because you are capturing things electronically. 
AGRIS Digital Signature, eSign

Digital Signatures help your Business go paperless

AGRIS eSign is a tool that captures signatures digitally. Minimize printing contracts or other paper documents for your growers to sign. In short, send a document digitally to your growers via MyGrower or email. Then, you receive a signed document back from them in minutes. Plus, this tool saves your agribusiness time and money to execute documents that require a signature from your grower by capturing and storing them in AGRIS. 
MyGrower, Grower App

Digitally Transform your Grower’s experience with a Mobile App

MyGrower, a mobile application and web portal, is a way for your growers to stay connected to your agribusiness. Ultimately, it provides your growers access to their account information. In addition, it allows them to submit market or limit offers and pay their balances electronically. Therefore, growers can see accurate contract, ticket, settlement, prepay, invoice, statement, and payment information, including proof-of-yield and ownership information. Not to mention, you have the ability to allow your growers to subscribe to message/alert content topics that are important to them.   
MyGrower, SMS Text Messages

Keep your Customers Connected with SMS Messaging

Communicate commodity ticket and invoice information to your customers via text messaging. Automatically send text messages to all of your customers, or a selective list as new tickets and invoices occur. Reach and engage with your customers when and wherever they are with reliable and timely SMS messaging.
AGRIS, Quick Contract Entry, RAPIDS

Digitalize your Grain Origination Process

No matter where you are in your digital transformation journey, here are ways to help your team and customers conduct business electronically.
Grain Origination employees

How to Digitalize Grain Origination Process for Employees

Your Merchandisers need a quick way to enter contracts on-the-go and at the farm gate. As you know, your Merchandisers don’t always need full access to your ERP. With that being said, they need a way to enter contracts from your customers. That’s why, AGRIS Quick Contract Entry puts the power of positions and contracts in the palm of your Merchandiser’s hand. Thus, Employees create the contracts and then the customers sign the contract during the same conversation. 
Digitize Benefit Employees

Benefits for Employees when Digitalizing your Origination Process

All in all, by adopting a quick contract entry tool, you will eliminate handwritten notes that your Merchandiser’s create. Then, they enter contracts from their notes when they get back to the office. Instead, you eliminate this step! Given these points, the accuracy of grain contracts will support a healthier bottom line for your agribusiness. 
Grain Origination farmers

How to Digitalize Grain Origination Process for Growers

Give your growers the ability to submit offers digitally. For example, MyGrower with R.J. O’Brien Hrvyst. In essence, MyGrower integrates with Hrvyst, an automated hedge management platform. With this integration, you give your growers the ability to create and modify offers directly from MyGrower. Next, Hrvyst manages open offers until expiration or fulfillment. Then, filled offers automatically hedge and flow into AGRIS via the Hrvyst integration. Hyrvyst is broker-agnostic; therefore, your agribusiness can link it to your existing brokerage firm(s). 
Digitize Benefit Growers

Benefits for Growers when Digitalizing your Origination Process

By giving your growers a way to submit and modify offers directly to your agribusiness, they are able to conduct business whenever and wherever they want. Plus, it gives them the flexibility to execute their own marketing plan, ultimately improving their revenue. 

When to Start Digitalizing your Agribusiness

All in all, you have the choice to decide when to digitalize your grower’s experience, simplify processes, or go paperless at your agribusiness. Whichever it is, reach out to us to talk with a product expert today. Especially, if you would like to learn how you can digitalize your Agribusiness. 

Take the Next Step Toward Digitalizing your Agribusiness!

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