Blog by Greg Clark

A wise man once said, “the only thing constant is change.” For me this always meant adaptability, flexibility, and agility were the trademarks of an evolved person, and ultimately – business.

We see technology moving ahead at the speed of light. The tools we have to do our job are sharper and more tailored to our specific needs. Staying up to date with these changes and advancements is undoubtedly the key to better business and successful trading.

To be successful at your job, you need software that is not only efficient, but also intuitive. So, I wanted to share these 5 tips for successful trading in today’s environment.

1. Use Real-Time Contracts

We developed the RAPIDS trading app to keep you on top of your game with real time data on contracts, and live updates on your position in the marketplace. You can enter in contract data while you’re on the phone with your customers. More efficient and more effective than handling off pieces of paper.

2. Integrate Contract Data with Your ERP System

Because RAPIDS is seamlessly integrated into your ERP system, you no longer have to enter contracts in twice—saving you the time and manpower needed to get the job done right the first time. No double entry or double effort. Paper trails are a thing of the past. Enter your contract data in real-time. Data is collected in AGRIS along with the signed contract! Reduce the risk of slippage.

3. Use One Screen

Although we don’t often realize it, sometimes it’s the small things that take up the most time. Nore more waiting on calls, or having to toggle back and forth between screens to sort through information. Small “time-sucks” can lower productivity and eventually, morale.

You can now find the customer contact information you need on a single screen without having to toggle back and forth, and you can enter, hedge, and price on a single screen as well.

4. Mobilize Originators

It is going to be 2018! Access all of your contract data when and where you want it – either from a smartphone, tablet or while in the office. Paper trails are messy and huge waste of time. Having a mobile, real-time, integrated solution allows originators to move swiftly and accurately. Not only does this mobilize originators, it allows your business to offer an unsurpassed level of customer service.

5. Streamline Review and Approval

No more calls and emails back and forth. You need to review and approve contracts seamlessly. Many customers attempt this through shared Excel files. This way makes it difficult to provide visibility and validate changes. Automated on-screen notifications manage the communication of the contract detail to the appropriate people.

While there may be several things keeping you up at night, don’t let your position in the marketplace be one of them. Get connected to electronic hedge trade, you don’t have to enter your information in twice