As the Implementation and Customer Support Manager for Greenstone, I have had many unique opportunities to assist our valued customers through the merger or acquisition processes. Mergers are becoming more and more common in agribusiness, and the trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

The merger process from start to finish can prove to be very daunting from a planning, implementation, and management standpoint. Greenstone is proud to offer its customers hands-on, “boots on the ground” assistance through the process to ensure that their merger or acquisition goes off without a hitch. Here is a glimpse into what that partnership looks like…

#1 We keep you organized. The Greenstone team is well-versed in the multi-faceted process of bringing two or more agribusinesses together. We make the merger or acquisition process as easy and painless as possible by creating a customized project plan so that everyone knows who should be doing what and when they should be doing it. We also monitor the progress of these plans throughout the entire process.

#2 We help facilitate communication. Our team facilitates all communication, starting by getting both parties in the same room and making them a part of the project plan from day one to rollout. We’re here to listen, formulate your plan, and help you and your employees through every step of the process.

#3 We help you maintain or even improve efficiency. Just because your business is growing doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice efficiency in your processes. We host process discussions with your team and take a hands-on approach to ensuring efficiency is maintained across all departments.

#4 We do the hard stuff for you. From static data to data conversion and customer renumbering, Greenstone has these specialized and overwhelming tasks covered.

#5 We set you up for success today and beyond. Greenstone helps prepare and train your team throughout the merger or acquisition process. We even follow up five to six months after the official unification to see if we can help improve your processes even more.

In order to make your merger or acquisition a success, you have to set yourself up for success with the proper planning, preparation, and training. The Greenstone team is proud to support its customers through all stages of growth by sharing our expertise, time, and dedication to our products and services.

Tracy Curtis is the Implementation and Customer Support Manager for Greenstone Systems. Tracy has a long history with Greenstone and has extensive experience helping agribusinesses through a merger or acquisition from both the data merging side and people management side. Have questions about the Greenstone approach to a merger? Email Tracy at

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