5 Reasons To Incorporate Truck Scale Automation

Here are five reasons to consider Truck Scale Automation at your grain facility


#1 Automation Improves Accuracy

Accurate data is key to knowing the true state of any business. The more often someone has to manually enter data, the greater the chance of data entry errors. With automation, users don’t have to re-enter data every time a repeat customer delivers grain. Furthermore, there are no more handwritten tickets and manual calculations determining load capacities or weights. Simply put, automation maximizes efficiencies in freight costs, which helps you avoid overload penalties. Plus, integrating automation into your grain system automatically posts accurate grade information to tickets.


#2 Automation Provides Better Communications

Handwritten notes and radio communication can be misunderstood, distracting, and time-consuming. Automation systems eliminate the need for rudimentary communication with simple tools that automatically convey information. Communication with automation is clear, easy-to-read, and available at the scale, the pit, or wherever load data is necessary.


#3 Truck Scale Automation Makes Customers Happier

All customers appreciate getting settlement checks in a timely manner. Automation software allows for payments immediately on delivery. This increases overall convenience for customers throughout the grain handling process. In the end, this shows customers that you respect their time and appreciate their business. In fact, your customers know you are making the experience of moving their trucks through your facility and getting their settlement checks out as efficient as possible. Thus, making your customers want to do more business with you.


#4 Automation Eliminates Labor-intensive Tasks

Freeing up your staff to work on revenue-generating activities is valuable to their job satisfaction and your company’s bottom line. With automation systems, you can even set up certain processes for unattended operation. This means no more time-consuming activities that take employees away from more productive tasks.


#5 Process Trucks Faster with Automation

The key is to maintain the flow of scaled traffic. You cannot afford to upset customers and make life more difficult for your operators by having a long line waiting at your scale. With automation, more trucks process in less time, customer satisfaction remains high, and employees get more done. Naturally, all of which have positive effects on your bottom line.


Automation is a Practical Approach

Making any kind of change in agribusiness is a big step. Many factors such as cost, training, and time weigh into your decision to adopt automation at your facility. However, if the change can help your business become more efficient and profitable in the long run, it’s worth some expense and minor disruption in the short run. Evaluating your unique agribusiness is the start. Automation should be practical and based on your facility’s needs, with the option to add features as they are justified. Learn about the possibilities with truck scale automation.

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