Agribusiness Accounting Software

CINCH agribusiness accounting and operational software provides solutions to your agribusiness financials, inventory, and transactional flows. In addition, CINCH integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Given these points, this dynamic solution can help your agribusiness profit from growth.

Put in another way, the powerful functionality of CINCH delivers outstanding and reliable performance. As well as, handles unique mission-critical transactions. For this reason, it offers solutions to processors, grain elevators, ag retailers, cooperatives, and seed companies.

Additionally, CINCH gives your business the ability to share information electronically using Document Exchange and APIs. Thus, minimizing time and effort to load information into and extract information from CINCH.

CINCH Agribusiness Accounting System helps you:

agribusiness accounting system

Tie Ag-Processes to General Ledger

Tie ag-specific business processes to your general accounting functions. For example, these functions include payables, receivables, invoicing, order processing, contracts, reporting and more. Ultimately, leverage the Microsoft Dynamics GP ecosystem to bring greater efficiency and information transparency to your business.

CINCH regulatory standards

Comply with Regulatory Standards

Track lot numbers from inbound to outbound transaction. In short, CINCH helps your team enforce traceability protocols. As a result, it helps your agribusiness prepare for the unexpected.

ag accounting system financials

Reduce Costly Mistakes

Above all, unite your sales and accounting systems. In other words, make your financial statement processing and analysis easier to maneuver. Simply put, you maintain accurate payable, inventory calculation factors, and receivable information with easy drill down capabilities.

manage agribusiness risk

Manage Risk and Positions

Know and use your long and short positions. As a result, you can manage the variation of change in the basis, to maximize and protect margins. Simply put, to increase your profitability.
ag mobile app

Integrate Mobile Solutions

Bring the power of cloud and mobility to your team. Undoubtedly, mobile application solutions help streamline your business. For this reason, you will be giving your team confidence to make in-the-moment decisions.

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History of CINCH's development as a commodities trading software.